Complete Denture and Mouthguard Service


Most denture repairs take two to three hours with an appointment, longer if you just "drop in" but usually within the same day.

 If you need a denture repaired:
1. Bring all the pieces with you.
2. Do NOT glue the denture back together yourself as this can make it difficult if not impossible to repair.
Dentures are repaired by replacing the damaged area with new denture material.
Relining your dentures will make them fit properly on your gums much like a new denture.
The gums that support your dentures are in a constant state or resorption and this occurs at different rates from person to person.
As your gums resorb:
1. Dentures become loose which can make the denture break easier.
2. Less stable when chewing.
3. More frequent sore spots or mouth ulcers.
4. More food trapped under the dentures.