Complete Denture and Mouthguard Service


What are dentures made of?

The base (pink areas) is made from a special type of denture acrylic (type of plastic) that holds the denture teeth together to fit on your gums.

The base can also be made from a metal, usually chrome cobalt or titanium, to provide a stronger and a thinner base for strength and comfort.

Denture teeth can be made from different quality of tooth coloured acrylics or porcelain. They come in different sizes, shapes and shades (or colours) to fit your oral and facial features. 

Diamonds or other gem stones, gold inlays or even gum tinting and tooth staining can be added to your dentures to really bring out your personality.

SOFTLINER (Resilient Liner) is a layer of soft compressible material between the gums and hard acrylic denture base of a complete lower denture. The soft layer acts much like a shock absorber and can improve denture comfort dramatically.